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Dreams One day I will….pdf
Learners view images that inspire ideas about goals and dreams of the future and create an artwork representing their dreams for the future.

Animals in Nightmares and Dreams.pdf
Learners will view artworks and listen to stories featuring animals in nightmares/dreams. They will discuss what it means to dream and use their imaginations to create a watercolor painting featuring an animal in a nightmare or dream.

Containment Capturing dreams and nightmares in art.pdf
Learners explore works of art representative of containers and use chosen media to create a container to hold a personal or collective nightmare or dream.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Dreaming in the Animal World.pdf
For those of you who have a dog, we all know the telltale signs of a dreaming pup; the twitching, the soft barks, the kicks. Why do animals dream? Are their dreams similar to those of humans? How are their dreams or dream patterns different than…

It’s all in my mind Dreaming and the Subconscious.pdf
Learners will be exploring dreams and nightmares, in particular why do we dream and what do our dreams mean? Throughout the unit, learners will focus on the subconscious. Learners will discuss their own personal experiences with dreams and will…

What a dreamy unit.pdf
“Wow! That test was a nightmare.” “That chocolate cake looks so dreamy.” Even though dreams and nightmares are commonly associated with sleeping, dreams and nightmares can also describe life when we are awake. The term “dream” can be used…
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