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Handheld Art is a virtual learning environment for the classroom, encouraging interdisciplinary study by merging art and the humanities for K-12 education. Handheld Art is revolutionizing how the humanities are taught in the classroom, organizing content knowledge in a creative way to support larger ideas known as Enduring Ideas. Partnered with the Columbia Museum of Art and the Gibbes Museum of Art, Handheld Art allows K-12 educators to access, create, and manage lesson plans with corresponding art collections for a whole new way of learning.


Special thanks to our contributors

Handheld Art has partnered with the Columbia Museum of Art, Gibbes Museum of Art, Florence County Museum, McKissick Museum, and USC's Ernest F. Hollings Library to apply exceptional collections of fine art to Enduring Ideas for the use of the classroom.

Lesson of the Week

Nature: Naturally an Inspiration

What is truly man made? Humans use nature for their fundamental needs, desires, communications with one another, as well as their understanding of the world. This multidisciplinary unit explores the enduring idea of nature within art and man-made objects. Learners will use inspiration from nature to create a batik inspired by many cultures from around the world.

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